The 40th Anniversary Edition Thunderbird
The 1995 40th Anniversary Edition is as far as I know a rare car. Few people have these cars that I know of. The colors I know of for the 40th edition are black, blue, green, white, and red just with the silver bottom half. There is a silver color car that has a darker colored bottom because the silver bottom is similar to the car color. I don't know if any of the other 1995 colors were also 40th anniversaries because I haven't seen any. There are actually some Cougars with the same style two tone. They are special edition Cougars. A little more popular to see around then these 40th Anniversary Thunderbirds.

These next 5 pictures are from Chris Spanel. He used to own this car until he got a Supercoupe T-bird. This is a very beautiful car though. A couple things I personaly like about this one is it has a sunroof along with some nice Cobra wheels. They look sharp on that bird. To see a bigger pic just click on the one you want to see.
Just a side view of the 40th Tbird.
This pic shows the car after lowering springs.
This pic shows the nice Cobra wheels and the 40th emblem.
Here is a rear view also showing the GTS tail light covers.
Nice front angle view showing the GTS headlight covers. One of my favorite Tbird pics.
Created by Shawn.
I ask that you let me know if you want to use pictures of mine here on my site.
Here is a window sticker that was on a 40th Anniversary Thunderbird. The 40th anniversary packag when new cost $795.
Below is a white 40th Anniversary Thunderbird that Kevin in Long Island, NY owns. As of Jan. 2001 it only has 15,000 miles on it. I like the white with the gray buttom. He takes it to car shows as you can see in the pictures.
Here you have a under the hood view of a 1995 stock V8 Thunderbird.
The back of his car at a car show.
The front view, but look. It still has the price sticker on the window. It looks brand new.
This section below is for people with a 40th Anniversary Thunderbird. If you have one and would like to have it shown here then email me and we will arrange that. Also if you have one please check out the 40th Anniversary Registry.
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The 40th Anniversary Thunderbird Website is brought to you with the help of The T-bird & Cougar Club of America.